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RS-Plastic Plates RS-Plastic Plates

Replacement Plastic Faceplates for RS Pad

Price: $6.00
RS-XL-Plastic Plates RS-XL-Plastic Plates

Replacement Plastic Plates for RSXL pad

Price: $6.00
RS-Foam-XL RS-Foam-XL

Replacement Foam For RS XL Pad

Price: $13.00
RS-Foam RS-Foam

Replacement Foam RS Pad

Price: $13.00
RS Replacement Sleeve by BalancePlus-League RS Replacement Sleeve by BalancePlus-League

Litespeed 7" Sleeve for RS pad (League play)

Price: $14.00
RS XL 9"  Sleeve by BalancePlus-League RS XL 9" Sleeve by BalancePlus-League

9" XL BalancePlus Sleeve for RS pad (League play)
Sustainable - low cost.
May only be used with RS pad insert, sold separately.

Price: $14.00
Impact Sleeve Rec Impact Sleeve Rec

  • Impact Rec Sleeves are ideal for recreational curlers thanks to their increased durability and performance.
  • The Impact Sleeve is the final component that makes up a complete Impact Head.
  • To
    change your sleeve, simply push the release buttons on the top of the
    Impact Head, then reuse your Head, Pad Base and Foam with a new sleeve.
  • On average, we recommend changing your sleeve after approximately 25 games.

Price: $14.00

Waterproof lining plus dense foam underlay is more effective and lasts longer!

Price: $20.00
Goldline Airway Pad Goldline Airway Pad

Airway pad fits Goldline's latest broom designs!

Price: $22.00
Goldline Airway X Pad Goldline Airway X Pad

Fits the Goldline larger Airway X heads

Price: $22.00
EQualizer Pads by BalancePlus EQualizer Pads by BalancePlus

Fits most oval style capture pieces!

Price: $25.00
Litespeed EQ Pads Litespeed EQ Pads

More Colors! 7" Lite Speed Replacement Pads

Price: $25.00
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